Do you struggle with showing the value your HR team delivers to your employees?

  • Is it difficult to explain the value in your HR activities to the company’s bottom line?
  • Have you been asked to do more with a smaller budget?
  • Do you find yourself delivering the same HR programs year-after-year?
  • Are you tired of being the policy police?
  • Do you feel like most of your job is being reactive or playing defense?
  • Are you seeking out more meaning in the work you do?
  • Are you starting to lose faith in HR?
  • Do you feel frustrated with your current HR programs and results?

Turn stagnation into engagement.

bettHR, an HR consulting agency focused on metrics and employee communications, has helped organizations just like yours create true employee engagement by focusing on the HR actions that deliver the biggest impact and ROI for your company. Letting you deliver high-value HR programs and communications.

In 3 easy steps, prove the value you deliver and tell a more effective HR story. 

What Makes bettHR Different?

Most HR departments aren’t able to transform their HR activities into actual results for their employees and shareholders. bettHR teaches HR professionals how to deliver better HR experiences and programs, through telling a better story focused on your employees. This approach will help you grow and measure your HR impact, create meaningful connections with your employees and help you fall back in love with your HR job.

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We know how much ineffective HR programs, campaigns and deliverables are costing you. And we’ve trained hundreds of people and companies to become kickass HR professionals. When you can communicate your HR activities using data and prove your ROI for the company, you can create an employee experience that drives true engagement, retention and you’re able to deliver strategic value.

With bettHR, you will learn: how to create meaningful HR metrics easily, which HR activities are worth your time and money, and why it matters to the company’s bottom line. You’ll have instantly actionable sticky takeaways, regardless of your level or department size. bettHR will show you how to craft a cohesive HR story that drives results for your company, improves your employees lives and moves firmly into the strategic practitioner role.

Human Resources drives the overall success of your company – through each employee. If you aren’t able to justify your HR programs, decisions and actions in an easy way, you’ll continue to waste time and money – creating a further divide between your employees and your leaders. When you learn how to tell your HR story in an effective way, you will future-proof your career and positively influence a people-first culture.

Register for bettHR training today and learn how to deliver better HR experiences that get results. Because your career, your employees and your company can’t afford another ineffective HR program.

We had absolutely no metrics to start with, having a hard time getting our business case across to the business. After our HR metrics evaluation and strategy, we not only had metrics, but we were also able to have an additional $1M approved to our HR budget.

VP, Human ResourcesHealthcare

Our Open Enrollment period has never gone as smoothly as it did when bettHR was our partner. We drove change in the way we wanted, decreased our overall heathcare costs, and saved a lot of money.

SVP, Human ResourcesTelecommunications

bettHR was able to save our company over $500k in one year, while increasing our communication metrics and engagement scores.

VP, BenefitsNon-Profit

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