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How we can help you deliver better HR

Create a culture of engaged employees

Learn how to create the company culture you need to create engaged and loyal employees – by not focusing on employee engagement activities but instead, by focusing on a strategy that works: the employee experience.

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Measure your success

Know exactly which strategies are working and where to focus your limited time for the biggest results by using the right HR metrics. Your time and money is valuable – using objective numbers (without being a math expert) and storytelling, your HR activities will add to the bottom line.

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Find out why some of the world’s best brands choose bettHR.


What Makes bettHR Different?

We help you deliver better HR (better+HR = bettHR) strategies that grow your bottom line. Whether you’re a leader in HR or in business, your people and their experience with your company, is the most valuable asset you have. And we don’t have any spare time in our day to focus on 1,001 more ways to increase employee engagement or making the “wrong hire”- only to have our efforts fail.

We partner with leaders – in HR and in business (hello – entrepreneurs, that’s you!), to deliver easy and impactful HR solutions. We do this by putting your employee experience front and center, to deliver engaged employees, a culture that breeds success and talent match, and telling a better HR story.

And spoiler alert:

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You’ll gain more time back in your day to spend on the things you really love.

We know how much ineffective HR is costing you. And we’ve trained hundreds of people and companies to deliver impressive results for their business and for their employees. By putting the employee experience at the core of what we do combined with the magic of Storytelling for HRTM, we’re able to help you hire, onboard, grow, scale, communicate, measure, engage, and more – better.

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We had absolutely no metrics to start with, having a hard time getting our business case across to the business. After our HR metrics evaluation and strategy, we not only had metrics, but we were also able to have an additional $1M approved to our HR budget.

VP, Human ResourcesHealthcare

Our Open Enrollment period has never gone as smoothly as it did when bettHR was our partner. We drove change in the way we wanted, decreased our overall healthcare costs, and saved a lot of money.

SVP, Human ResourcesTelecommunications

bettHR was able to save our company over $500k in one year, while increasing our communication metrics and engagement scores.

VP, BenefitsNon-Profit

Ready to deliver better HR experiences that get results?