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The “Key to Great HR”

By Blog, Future of HR

Admittedly, I’ve become a news junkie over the past year or so. And because of that, I constantly have the news on in the background. A strange side effect of watching cable news is all of the commercials you encounter time and time again. Within any given hour, you’re likely…

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HR Transformation? No…

By Blog, Future of HR, HRevolution

The last few years or so, HR has been talking about its big “HR Transformation.” Changing how HR does work. Mainly by Centers of Excellence (COEs) that separate different HR functions and specialties into different departments. I remember first hearing about the COE concept, likely on a CEB webinar presentation,…

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Our Employees Aren’t Taking Action!

By Blog, Metrics

Why aren’t our employees taking action? Why do we have to send a million emails about our annual performance review process, when it happens every year? Why does HR always have to be the bad guys? Sound familiar? Remember back in the day, or even just five years ago, when…

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