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The Work Revolution CoverWhen I was working at HarperBusiness, a former imprint at HarperCollins, business books were my life and I fell in love with the genre and the knowledge I gain for each book (and secretly still geek out when I see the books I worked on, on the shelves still!). One book that recently crossed my desk that I could not put down was The Work Revolution: Freedom and Excellence for All by Dr. Julie Clow.

When I first picked it up, I was a bit skeptical – thinking what could I possibly do to start a work revolution (Occupy Wall Street just isn’t my style)… I just left a company because I realized how hard it actually is to do that, even being in a Human Resources role. Until I reached page four, yes four, when Julie presented her Work Revolution Manifesto starting with: “I believe it is possible to love your work, your workplace, and those you work with.” I was immediately hooked – of course it’s possible I thought, but I wanted to find out HOW.

Julie goes on to describe the current state of many traditional companies, you know – the ones we all refer to as the big bad corporate jobs, and contrast them with the way people actually want to work; tackling the old rules and fears, with The New Rules (p. 57). Every chapter outlines exactly what each individual, people leader and company can do right now, to shift the work place into one that fits the needs of who we are as employees today. Some suggestions are easy changes, and others more difficult from a culture shift perspective, but all were applicable, scalable, impactful, and still productive from the company’s perspective.

Here are a few of my favorite highlights from the book, one from each of her action steps:

  • Start focusing on results” (p. 57)
  • “Our focus on time serves as a crutch” (p. 95)
  • “Rather than using job tasks as a starting point, start with the people” (p. 127)
  • “Choosing to spend our time on the right things, not everything” (p. 159)
  • “Smaller is better, and imperfection is simply part of the process” (p. 183)

I loved this book so much and believe its relevance to anyone who works (ahem), that I’m giving away my copy! Email me or leave a comment below telling me why you want to start a work revolution, and I’ll announce the winner next week (Friday, May 11) on twitter (@mellymelanz).  HR Peeps – I’m calling you out: this book will provide you with tons of ideas of how to tackle and bridge the gap between generations and increase overall employee engagement.

If you just can’t wait until Friday to win my hard copy, be sure to head over to Amazon to pick it up! Happy reading.