Are you ready to get results? It starts with the employee experience.

Discover the four-step road map to transform employee engagement, improve workplace culture, and drive results for you and your company.

Improve the Employee Experience, Increase Engagement, & Drive Company Profits

Whether you are an employee, a leader, or an HR professional looking to improve your culture, build a positive relationship with your employees, or be more strategic at work, Melissa Anzman knows how to get you from here to there.

Why? Because she’s done it herself. With a resume that includes industry-leading results at multiple Fortune 500 companies and an employee experience business that has helped thousands of HR professionals, Melissa is the guide you need.

In The Employee Experience Solution, you’ll learn Melissa’s proven, easy-to-follow process to help you actually improve the relationship between you and your employees.

A four-step framework to transform your employee experience and increase engagement.


  1. What do our employees need to know, and
  2. What do our employees need?


How we want our employees to feel at that specific point in time—in relation to the company and their overall experience.


The next action we want employees to take.


The various ways (digital, communication, software, high-touch, etc.) we interact with our employees.

Melissa Anzman is an award-winning HR practitioner, keynote speaker, and consultant.

She’s also the creator of the Rethink HR podcast and the online course HR Metrics 101, through which she has trained hundreds of HR professionals.

In The Employee Experience Solution, Melissa breaks down the exact system that she has used to help multiple companies—large and small—across North America over the last 15 years. This framework has helped leaders and HR professionals be more strategic, prioritize their efforts on results, and retain top talent.


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