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Dream JobGiving Yourself Permission
October 2, 2013

Getting Out of Tactical Hell

What have I always hated about “work?” The consistent answer is being in tactical hell. I’m guessing you feel my pain. Being able to not only strategize, but tactical deliver is considered a huge differentiator in the workplace and in the solopreneur world. You don’t just think, you do. But…
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Dream Job
June 10, 2013

Embrace Your Expertise

My world is somewhat divided these days – I have a group of people who are bloggers and online entrepreneurs, and then my “real life” friends and family, who struggle with understanding what I actually do. I feel lucky to have both perspectives because undoubtedly, each faction sees different things…
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Contributor PostsDream JobJob Search
May 28, 2013

Dream Job Drama

Throughout our career, we are constantly searching for our “dream job.” That one perfect position that will make us gloriously happy and eager to show up to work every day, make a difference in the world, and earn well over six-figures doing it. The elusive golden ticket of our career.…
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Dream JobGiving Yourself Permission
May 24, 2013

Success Measurements and Age

I’ve been thinking about age quite a bit recently. Maybe because I found my first gray hair a few weeks back, or perhaps it’s because I attended my first meeting where there was a younger person in the room. Regardless, age has been a constant measuring stick throughout my career.…
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