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April 11, 2013

5 Ways to Craft Your Work Persona

Your work persona is what you are “known for” at work. It’s not a complete picture of who you are, but it’s how you represent yourself. It’s the perception that you craft and hone. It’s the things you want to be known for. It’s what helps make you successful at…
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Dream JobFinding Passion
March 25, 2013

Why You Want to Be Unhappy at Work

You enjoy being unhappy at work – don’t balk at that statement, think about it sincerely. We all know that the only way to change our state of being, is to change something that is in our control. Unhappiness is combatted through eliminating things that make us unhappy, rebalancing our…
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Dream JobHRTerrible HR
February 25, 2013

When HR Screws Up Royally

There are few things that I read these days that shock me into slack-jaw syndrome. But I had one of those moments yesterday, followed quickly with: “HR just effed that up royally. Whoa.” Yahoo! sent an internal memo to every single one of their global employees, telling them that they…
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Dream JobLeadership
January 21, 2013

Leadership – How to Lead as an Individual Contributor

Throughout the talent management process and general discussions about “should we promote Sarah,” the question of leadership always comes up. It can seem somewhat futile when you are in an individual contributor role (aka – not managing other people), but your overall leadership skills and capabilities can shine even brighter…
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Dream JobLeadership
December 10, 2012

From What Place Are You Taking Action?

I was on a call with my fellow Make Sh*t Happen alumni in June, when the fabulous Jenny Blake posed the question, “From what place are you taking action?” I can’t even begin to remember the various responses we had because I was completely spaced out and focused on trying…
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