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Future of HRMetrics
April 19, 2017

3 Rules for the Content of Your HR Dashboard

HR Dashboards have been a key tool for HR professionals across various departments for a few years now. I remember working on my first one in 2008-ish, and it looked like this. Not exactly pretty – but at the time, it did the job. It summarized all of the “important”…
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Future of HR
March 15, 2017

The “Key to Great HR”

Admittedly, I’ve become a news junkie over the past year or so. And because of that, I constantly have the news on in the background. A strange side effect of watching cable news is all of the commercials you encounter time and time again. Within any given hour, you’re likely…
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Future of HRHRevolution
March 1, 2017

HR Transformation? No…

The last few years or so, HR has been talking about its big “HR Transformation.” Changing how HR does work. Mainly by Centers of Excellence (COEs) that separate different HR functions and specialties into different departments. I remember first hearing about the COE concept, likely on a CEB webinar presentation,…
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Employee CommunicationsFuture of HR
February 22, 2017

What is Your HR Brand?

Have you taken the time to discover what your personal HR brand is, or even more important, what your HR department’s brand is? Thinking about “brand,” or what we want to be known for, isn’t something that naturally pops up as a discussion point. We talk around it during performance…
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Future of HRMetrics
January 11, 2017

Are you ready for the future of HR?

Now that we know what HR should leave behind in 2016, how do we start building the capabilities of HR for the future and stop the HR hamster wheel of madness? Human Resources is a department that is rapidly changing – with opportunities and possibilities beyond imagine, when comparing HR of the…
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Future of HRMetrics
January 4, 2017

The HR Hamster Wheel

As we start 2017, you’re probably starting off exactly where you left off – with maybe a little more rest and a feeling of rejuvenation… until you hit 3pm and realize your break has been long forgotten. HR doesn’t stop, even when we want it to. But isn’t it so……
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