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Future of HRHRevolutionMetrics
February 13, 2019

4 Steps to Your First HR Metric

The foundation of delivering great, value-driven HR, starts with knowing how effective your current HR program is – through HR metrics. For most of us, thinking about adding more math and calculations to our life seems… overwhelming, to say the least. Or maybe you aren’t quite sure where to start.…
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February 6, 2019

How You’re Doing HR is Wrong

When you work in HR, you get bombarded with ways you can increase employee engagement; decrease turnover; find better talent; and so on. Lots of solutions, technology options, best practices, and wonky “advice” is thrown around. Because we all want to deliver better HR. Elevate the department from the dreaded…
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Employee ExperienceHRevolutionMetrics
January 30, 2019

Do You Know How Effective Your HR Programs Really Are?

A big mistake I see so many HR professionals make, is you don’t stop to evaluate the effectiveness of the activities, campaigns, programs, resources, etc. that you deliver. It makes sense – you’re busy year-round with one activity or fire after another. So much so, that the down-time or quiet…
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Employee EngagementEmployee ExperienceFuture of HRHRevolution
October 30, 2018

What is this thing, the “Employee Experience?”

Over the past few years as HR embarks on the next H(R)evolution, HR has continued to look for ways to expand employee engagement to include the overall employee experience. While like engagement, the definition of employee experience varies based on who you ask and where you work, the overall intent…
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Employee CommunicationsHRevolution
July 9, 2018

The Missing Focus for HR

Being in HR can sometimes feel like you’re stuck on a never-ending hamster wheel. Is what you’re doing making a difference? Do employees care? Will you ever move past being the department that gets blamed instead of recognized for the shifts you’re making with culture and engagement? Will the bottom…
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July 12, 2017

Where to Start – Metrics for Everything?

Perhaps that adds to the overwhelm, but instead, it should open your eyes to the opportunity around you. There isn’t a perfect starting place with HR metrics. There’s isn’t a “best practice” that is the absolute answer. But there are metrics to be found, created and tracked, for every single…
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Future of HRHRevolution
March 22, 2017

4 Ways to Add Immediate Strategic HR Value

Since we can all agree that the “Key to Great HR” doesn’t reside with certain certifications or standard learning, what is the key to great HR? How can you deliver immediate strategic value – even in an HR department of one? 4 Ways to Add Immediate Strategic HR Value –…
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Future of HRHRevolution
March 1, 2017

HR Transformation? No…

The last few years or so, HR has been talking about its big “HR Transformation.” Changing how HR does work. Mainly by Centers of Excellence (COEs) that separate different HR functions and specialties into different departments. I remember first hearing about the COE concept, likely on a CEB webinar presentation,…
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