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January 17, 2014

How to Make Performance Management a Two-Way Conversation

The calls have already started coming in this week – two weeks earlier than I expected. Annual reviews have started to be delivered. Results from 2013 are being shared. Promotions are being handed out and denied. And performance management feels like a sentence. Performance Management as a phrase, refers to…
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LeadershipStop Hating Your Job
December 9, 2013

Your Holiday Ripple

I was in a shoe store the other day looking for something I could throw on every day on my trek to Caribou. Let’s just say I’ve been looking for a while, so perhaps I’m a bit picky about the shoes I wear. I’m a nice customer – I smile,…
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Get PromotedHRLeadership
October 21, 2013

Learning & Development in the Real World

It took me a long time in my career to understand that my success, development and growth were solely up to me. In school, the professors always made it sound like the company would care about our success; that they would foster us through different experiences to keep us on…
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