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May 13, 2013

Heeding the Warning Signs

This past week has been a (recurring) lesson in paying attention to the signs around me. It made me think back to the many clients and employee’s I’ve worked with over the years, who have simply ignored the warnings their manager had given them about their achievement standards. But first,…
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Employee CommunicationsLeadership
March 14, 2013

Response to Performance Reviews

I have yet to come across an employee who is genuinely gleeful when it comes to discussing their performance review. Even if you are a top performer, there always seems to be zingers included that come from left field, hold no merit, or are completely unrelated to your overall performance.…
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Dream JobLeadership
January 21, 2013

Leadership – How to Lead as an Individual Contributor

Throughout the talent management process and general discussions about “should we promote Sarah,” the question of leadership always comes up. It can seem somewhat futile when you are in an individual contributor role (aka – not managing other people), but your overall leadership skills and capabilities can shine even brighter…
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Dream JobLeadership
December 10, 2012

From What Place Are You Taking Action?

I was on a call with my fellow Make Sh*t Happen alumni in June, when the fabulous Jenny Blake posed the question, “From what place are you taking action?” I can’t even begin to remember the various responses we had because I was completely spaced out and focused on trying…
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