“Ignorance is Bliss”

By HR, Leadership

I am a big fan of CBS Sunday Morning – in fact, I DVR it every week to be sure I never miss an episode. I have learned so much from the show over the years because they report interesting and quirky news stories that you cannot find anywhere else….

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Performance Management 101

By HR, Leadership

So you are back from the summer slump and heading into the busiest time of the year – fourth quarter. And for most employees, fourth quarter means one thing is coming… performance reviews (otherwise known as annual reviews, bull&h!t feedback updates, and so on). Depending upon where you work, performance…

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Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)

By Leadership

Performance Improvement Plans, or PIPs, tend to be one of the most veiled “secrets” that Human Resources keeps… it’s the bad, secretive “tool” that all employees dread. But that’s not what PIPs are supposed to be, and hopefully sharing some transparency will help you figure out what to do when…

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