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How You’re Doing HR is Wrong

By Blog, HRevolution, Metrics
When you work in HR, you get bombarded with ways you can increase employee engagement; decrease turnover; find better talent; and so on. Lots of solutions, technology options, best practices, and wonky “advice” is thrown around. Because we all want to deliver better HR. Elevate the department from the dreaded...
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Our Employees Aren’t Taking Action!

By Blog, Metrics

Why aren’t our employees taking action? Why do we have to send a million emails about our annual performance review process, when it happens every year? Why does HR always have to be the bad guys? Sound familiar? Remember back in the day, or even just five years ago, when…

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Are you ready for the future of HR?

By Blog, Future of HR, Metrics

Now that we know what HR should leave behind in 2016, how do we start building the capabilities of HR for the future and stop the HR hamster wheel of madness? Human Resources is a department that is rapidly changing – with opportunities and possibilities beyond imagination, when comparing HR of the…

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