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When HR Screws Up Royally

By Dream Job, HR, Terrible HR

There are few things that I read these days that shock me into slack-jaw syndrome. But I had one of those moments yesterday, followed quickly with: “HR just effed that up royally. Whoa.” Yahoo! sent an internal memo to every single one of their global employees, telling them that they…

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Terrible HR Tuesday – Mannerisms

By Terrible HR

I so thoroughly enjoyed a post by Laurie Ruettimann (aka the Cynical Girl) yesterday, that I thought it was a great opportunity to review some real-life terrible HR mannerisms that I’ve encountered. Check out Laurie’s post here: http://thecynicalgirl.com/monday-morning-hr-humor-worst-hr-person-ever/, video courtesy of SNL. HR mannerisms I’ve witnessed that should be stopped, immediately: When…

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