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Employee Experience Strategies

With as much money your company invests in your employees and your HR activities, it’s critical that you are able to effectively communicate all of the elements of your employee experience to your employees. Our solutions are digital, interactive, personalized, and innovative.

Benefit Microsites

One of your company’s greatest HR expense is how much you invest in your employee benefits and total rewards, so shouldn’t your employees see your benefit package as a differentiator?

But how do you tell that story?

Hint: it’s now the off-the-shelf solution “website” your benefit administrator is offering you.

Our microsites provide your employees with an on-demand, always accessible resource – helping them become better healthcare consumers. Saving you money, increasing employee engagement and enhancing your employee experience.

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Employee Experience Strategy

Do you know how your employees actually experience your company’s culture? Or what HR means to them? Without an employee experience strategy, your employees are left to fill-in the blanks; creating their own story and understanding of what the company’s culture is.

It’s probably why you have an employee engagement problem. 

We have a mission statement and values… isn’t that enough? Unfortunately they are probably doing more harm than good without an employee experience strategy. Your strategy will influence your company’s culture, increase true engagement, and your employees will find meaning in the work they do.

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Open Enrollment Campaigns

Connecting with your employees on an annual basis to remind them of the benefits and perks available (and any changes) to them as employees, is a great way to reinforce your overall wellness strategy and make an impact. After all, your benefits are one of your company’s greatest HR expenses.

Are you using Open Enrollment as a prime opportunity to reinforce your company culture and engagement? 

Maybe you’re managing the communications all in-house, are working with an expensive consulting agency or leaving it up to your benefits administrator to handle it.

Instead, let’s partner together and we’ll deliver better messages across multi-channels to ensure your employees actually read your communications.

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Interactive Solutions

(Apps, Podcasts, Videos)

Email isn’t the only solution any more. It’s time to expand your channels to be more interactive and accessible.

Consider: how much time do you spend on your phone… on apps, listening to podcasts, watching videos, responding to texts, and so on? 

If your employee communications aren’t currently accessible through various avenues (hello – your OE guide should be an app!), your employees aren’t engaging with them often (if at all).

bettHR can work with you to determine the best custom solution for your employee audience, and get it done quickly and on-budget.

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