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Employee Experience and Engagement

Do you know how your employees actually experience your company’s culture? Or what HR means to them? Without an employee experience strategy, your employees are left to fill-in the blanks; creating their own story and understanding of what the company’s culture is.

Your employee experience strategy will influence your company’s culture, increase true engagement, and your employees will find meaning in the work they do. This is how you create a true culture of engagement.

Create a Culture that Works and Drives Meaning for Your Employees

Employee Experience is the next step in creating a workforce of engaged employees. It’s how you get the needle to finally move (in the right direction!) when you do an engagement survey, and ensuring your culture actually reflects your company’s mission and values.

bettHR will work with you to create the ideal employee experience – creating a cohesive experience across all of your HR touchpoints. We will leverage best practices focused on your unique employee population to help them feel connected with your company, driving the results you need for the business.

Has your HR team considered:

  • Why your employee engagement survey results aren’t moving in the right direction?
  • The perception your employees and leaders have of HR?
  • Why your Glassdoor rating is so low (or worse, unpredictable)?
  • How each employee experiences your company as a whole?
  • Why there’s such a disconnect between what your senior leaders think the culture is, and how it is experienced/felt on a daily basis by employees?

You can’t afford another year of key talent leaving your organization, disengaged employees and offers being rejected by your top candidates.

The Process


Employee Experience Roadmap

We’ll create a comprehensive employee experience roadmap, including the various ways your employees interacts with HR. The roadmap includes a deep dive on your mission, core values and annual goals.


Create your HR Story

Based on your desired employee experience needs, we’ll create your HR Story as the foundation for your overall experience – to build your action plan on.


Employee Experience Strategy

Within 4 – 6 weeks of starting the process, your employee experience strategy will be ready identifying areas that need attention and the messaging needed to improve engagement – with metrics identified to ensure you stay on track!

Take the Next Step.

See how bettHR can enhance your employee experience.