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I’m always surprised when I work with recruiters on the candidate side of the fence by the level of non-service they tend to provide. In my experience, the recruiter is the candidate’s main point of contact and reflection on the company – they should be service-oriented, treat the candidates with respect, show pride in their company, and deliver high-touch services to all candidates. What I’ve experienced personally, has been quite the opposite…

What I’ve seen to be the new-norm, at least for Human Resources professionals, is that the recruiters don’t seem to have time or care about getting the right HR talent to join their team. They can interact fine with Marketing or Sales candidates, but put them face-to-face with a strong HR talent, and they just can’t seem to get their friendly on. Perhaps since HR professionals “know” the process, recruiters tend to back-off a bit? Maybe it’s a role they secretly want and want to sabotage others (I’ve witnessed both situations, they are ugly). Either way, the some-what combative, totally unprofessional behavior from a recent in-house recruiter gave me pause – am I going to have to work with her to recruit talent for the organization I would be supporting?

 I genuinely liked the other HR professionals, the hiring manager and colleagues were are people I’d enjoy working with; the company was well-respected and would provide an exciting opportunity; however, I had a nightmare about having to work with the recruiter once again! I also thought long and hard if I wanted to be at a company where this type of behavior is acceptable – I decided no on both fronts, and it was a difficult message to deliver to all who invested time and effort.

This situation is entirely avoidable – but it is important to ensure that your recruiters are treating ALL candidates with respect and being a true representative of the company or you could be losing key talent.