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Every year I say the same thing come July – where did the year go? It’s mid-year check-in time, which means reflection, analysis and sometimes a swift kick in the pants when it comes to my personal goals and resolutions. But before we even go there, let me catch you up with my process…

I used to make New Year resolutions like the rest of ya – except, I couldn’t even uphold them for a week, much less the entire year. So I implemented a technique that I was well- versed in (thank you HR), goal-setting, and applied it to my own life. 2012 is the fourth year I have taken this approach, and I have far exceeded any of my previous attempts with resolutions. Sure, my brother will tell me that if I didn’t achieve every single thing, that the goals didn’t really work – but for me, it’s all about the effort and awareness, instead of being 100% perfect.

Where are you with your own goals/resolutions?

I see many goal updates posted around the web, with many saying things like, “haven’t done anything about this,” “I totally failed,” and “why did I even want to do that?” All valid thoughts, but I always wonder… Why did you set those goals/resolutions in the first place?

Space and time tend to separate the reasons behind why we thought that X was so important on January 1, but there must have been a driving force leading you to make that commitment. Setting goals/resolutions is so much more than the action of completion (even though I like checking something off my list more than most), it’s about the why behind the action or change. There are sometimes easy explanations – “I want to quit smoking to be around for my kids,” but most of our goals are driven by much more. Sure you want to lose weight to “be healthy” but what does that really mean? Is being healthy a motivator for you or just something you’re saying because you think you need to tackle it? (Guilty as charged).

If you haven’t looked back and remembered your TRUE motivations behind each goal/resolution, how could you possibly be achieving them? Did you commit to the right goals for YOU, not for what others think you should do?

My Mid-Year Goal Check-In

And now it’s time to pull the curtain back (gasp), and share some of my own goals and progress to date. Let’s just say this is uncomfortable and scary for me, but I hope it motivates you to check-in with yourself and your progress. And feel free to share your progress as well!

Challenge Category:

  • Accomplish at least two items on my life tracking list by 12/31: Next week I will be crossing one of these off my list, with the launch of my new book – Stop Hating Your Job: How to Be Happy at Work without Quitting!!!! One more big life items to go. Oh, and be sure to sign-up to my newsletter at the top, to get a huge discount!

Freedom Category:

  • Leave my corporate job no later than 10/31: ACHIEVED!
  • Generate income of $5,000 through new sources by 8/31: I am a little over half-way there, so on my way.

Travel Category:

  • Take at least one big trip outside of the U.S. by 12/31: I haven’t achieved this yet, and unfortunately this one will probably be missed so I can focus my energy and resources into making my business profitable. But a girl can still dream…
  • Visit and explore at least four new to me, U.S. cities by 12/31: I am 25% done here, three more cities to go.

Finance Category:

  • Live one full month completely on budget by 6/30: I waited until the very last possible month to do this, but I accomplished it in June. Crazy hard, but so rewarding.
  • Complete my own tax return by 3/31: Done and done! (Side note: my dad is an accountant, so I have never done this before – it felt like a rite of passage to be an adult, strange – I know).

Health Category:

  • Complete one full cycle of P90X by 4/30: FAIL, big fat fail – still haven’t started the cycle, although writing this is a bit motivating. But I missed this date by a long shot.
  • Run a 5k in under 45 minutes by September 30: Um, I haven’t started working on this one yet. I’m not a runner at all, but this has been on my goal list for three years. So, um, maybe this year I will do it?
  • Give up French fries and potato chips for the year: I am accomplishing this!!! Six months in, and I haven’t caved – so freaking hard, but my arteries are thanking me… I hope.

So, as you can see, I have made some progress for the most part, but have a long way to go in certain areas as well (um, health category – I hear ya). You don’t have to achieve everything, but having a light (or two) at the end of the tunnel to help guide you along the way, will help you stay on track and stop the passage of time from… passing.


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