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One year ago this website and company was born… I had blogged a few times elsewhere, but it never stuck – until now. And I can’t believe that it’s already been one year (in fact, I actually forgot about it until I was going through some old documents yesterday – shhh, don’t tell).  This past year has been full of enormous change, growth, ups and downs, and amazing accomplishments.

But what I’m most proud of, is that I am finally a writer. This blog has opened doors for me, has pushed me past my mental blocks of sharing my work, and has helped me find my own voice in this world.

And having all of YOU to support me along the way, fills me up with gratitude every day.

With that, here is the year in recap…

Personal Milestones

  • I wrote and self-published TWO books! Stop Hating Your Job was my first foray into the book world followed up with How to Land a Job. I’m pleased as punch to say that both books have sold (to real people!), and continue to get exposure. Writing these books… changed my life.
  • I quit my corporate job (again), to be a full-time solopreneur. 10 months and going strong people!
  • In April, I traveled to New York to meet “my people” in person during the Make Sh*t Happen Weekend of Genius.
  • Despite my (ridiculous) fear of rejection, I landed several guest posts at great sites! You can see all of them on my As Seen In page, but some of the “biggies” are with Brazen Careerist, BlogHer, Business Insider, and American Express’ Open Forum. Like, whoa.
  • And beyond my wildest dreams, I am able to call one of my mentors, Jenny Blake, a friend and colleague – I am a contributor on the Life After College blog… something that was so big, I couldn’t even dream it. J

Clearly, that’s the condensed version… I would be here all day if I kept track of these things as they happen. Still working on the celebration piece of the puzzle (is that a new goal I hear?).

Posts, Posts, Posts

Most Popular Posts (in popularity order):

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  5. June: You Are Not a Superstar – Inside Talent Management
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  7. September: Embrace Your Expertise – You Know Best (too)
  8. June: 18 Kick-A$$ People Who Will Change Your Life

My Favorite Posts (in no particular order):

And that’s just the beginning!!!! Thanks for joining me on this ride, it’s been awesome – and so much more is up ahead.






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