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Ever wonder why the idiots seem to always get ahead in the game? Ok, maybe not idiots, but it’s definitely not always the hardest workers, the most rational managers, or the friendliest employees. So I’m letting you in on a secret – there’s a reason why they end up there.  Follow these tips to ease your climb to the job you want.

Getting Ahead in an Internet Business

Technology/Internet businesses are fairly new to the game as a sector – and as such, have a very different feel than many other job sectors. Their cultures are further driven by the start-up owners, the location of the company and of course, the product at the core of the business.

Know your stuff. Knowledge is king in this industry – you have to have a skill set that is in demand, and you have to perform it, daily. It’s up to you to keep up with the latest trends, and being ahead of the curve will always play to your favor in this environment. You must bring continuous value to the organization – so your focus should be on refining your skills and delivering efficient and effective results.


Fit in to the culture. The irony here, is that at many tech/internet companies, the culture is based around being who you are. Which is fantastic – but be sure you understand the parameters around that. Being yourself doesn’t necessarily mean letting all of your crazy parts out… you’re still at work after all. Make sure that your actions, approach, decision making, work, appearance, etc., represent the culture the company is trying to create. And then enjoy it – it’s one of the rare industries where you can be celebrated for quirkiness.


Be the ideas person. Being collaborative and generating creative, outside of the box solutions is very important in a tech environment. Speak up when you have an idea, collaborate with others around it and don’t get your feelings hurt if it doesn’t work out. This is an innovative environment where you can be a part of change and growth – and those who participate in that atmosphere, will be one step ahead of others. Approach every roadblock with a solution – whiners are not well-liked in this environment, so move on to the solution quickly.


Likability is important. Being great at your job will only get you so far – you have to also be well-liked. Tech companies like to provide a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where the illusion is that they’re working amongst friends. Be approachable, friendly and temper free – be a confidant, and not a gossip. And be cut-throat, only with your ideas and innovation.


Human Resources tends to be an important part of the management team within a tech/internet company. They will be included in big decisions and be the eyes and ears on the ground for senior leaders. Befriend them and ask for their guidance, support and helpful hints. They like to be hands on and are trying to capture some of the cultural perks that come easily to others within the company. They can definitely be your ally or enemy as you climb the ladder.