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As we start 2017, you’re probably starting off exactly where you left off – with maybe a little more rest and a feeling of rejuvenation… until you hit 3pm and realize your break has been long forgotten. HR doesn’t stop, even when we want it to.

But isn’t it so… exhausting to realize you’ve stepped into the exact same “thing” as you did when you started 2016? It’s like a never-ending hamster wheel – it’s January, time for us to start the Performance Review process… so we can then move into Merit Reviews followed by {enter your next HR program}.

It’s plug-and-play HR. And it’s the standard nowadays, really. Most of our HR leaders have hit “their stride” with providing expected and consistent HR programs and updates, that leaders outside of HR are now accustomed to. It only took us 25 years to get here, but now that we’re here, we’ve officially fallen into our next rut.

And you’ve been swallowed up by the same rut, right alongside your HR department.

Delivering the same HR programs, support, messaging, and updates that you’ve done in the past. Maybe incorporating some lessons from last year. Maybe adding a new channel or option for communication. Maybe to a different audience. But as a whole, your HR work has become stagnant.

Your own HR career and skillset has become stagnant right along with your department.


But it’s true.

And if you dig deep and truly think about your career instead of just putting your head down and working, you’d realize that you’ve labeled your job or career, with things like:

  • I hate my job
  • My boss is killing me
  • If I get this question one more time
  • Why are we doing this again?
  • Does performance reviews even matter?
  • So much busy work
  • How am I making a difference?
  • What’s my next opportunity?
  • I think I need a change
  • I’m drowning here

These are all signs (not an inclusive list my friends), that your HR career has hopped onto the hamster wheel and it’s begging you to take charge and step it up!

It’s not an easy thing to admit, but it’s not your fault! Our corporate HR structure and leadership guidance as a whole, is set-up to excel at plug-and-play.

But here’s the secret: there is SO much you can to take back the reigns of control and start delivering a true and meaningful difference in your everyday HR career.

It all starts with YOU creating the Future of HR.

But leading the pack means you need to be confident in how you move forward. Choosing the right skills to focus on to drive real change for you and your HR career.

Instead of staying on the hamster wheel or getting comfortable in the plug-and-play approach, it’s time to treat your OWN career, the same as you’d advise your clients to.

Take control, lead the pack, and create the future of HR.

These are the three most critical HR skills to build on.

Let’s get to work!