Microsites, eGuides, Total Rewards Websites

One of your company’s greatest HR expense is how much you invest in your employee benefits and total rewards, so shouldn’t your employees see your benefit package as a differentiator?

Our microsites provide your employees with an on-demand, always accessible resource – helping them become better healthcare consumers. Saving you money, increasing employee engagement and enhancing your employee experience.

Customized, Innovative, Online Solution that’s Always Accessible

bettHR will work with you to create the ideal employee experience online to work in coordination with, your benefit administrator’s platform. We will leverage best practices focused on your end user to enhance your employee’s overall understanding of their benefits and help them make the best decision for their family.

Do your employees struggle with:

  • Knowing the various benefit plan offerings?
  • Understanding how to choose the best plan for their specific needs?
  • Finding information about their benefits quickly and easily?
  • Having the at-home decision makers involved in the process?

You can’t afford another year of employees over/under-utilizing their benefits – costing your company more money.

The Process


User Experience Inventory

We’ll create a comprehensive user experience inventory, capturing the various ways your employees learn about and access information abut their benefits. Ensuring that we create one cohesive path to information.


Design and Test

Based on your employee population and needs, we’ll create a customized website that matches your brand and is designed for your unique employee experience and tested within various access environments.



Within 6 – 8 weeks of starting the process, your microsite will be ready to launch and will be accessible to all employees and candidates. Time to sit back and celebrate!

Take the Next Step.

See a microsite in action and see how bettHR can enhance your employee experience.