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Open Enrollment Campaigns

Connecting with your employees to remind them of the benefits and perks available, is a great way to reinforce your overall wellness strategy and make an impact. After all, your benefits are one of your company’s greatest HR expenses.

Isn’t it time that you get fully-personalized communications with white-glove service, that your employees actually read?

Effective Campaigns that are Personalized, Innovative and Delivered through Multi-Channels

Open Enrollment is an annual event that puts one of your biggest HR investments, front and center. And it’s time that your communications take the conversation to the next level.

bettHR has created award-winning Open Enrollment communications and campaigns – with a focus on showing the ROI on your benefits investment. We deliver multi-channel communications that are not the same rinse and repeat or template messages, that are not meeting your current employee experience needs.

Do any of these things occur during your OE period? 

  • You use the same communication strategy, calendar and messages – just swap out the year.
  • Send a “one-message fits all” through channels that all employees have access to.
  • Employees don’t take the actions you want them to – including selecting the best plan for them.
  • You’re told “no” or charged a crazy fee, to get the communications that your company needs.

There’s no excuse to be lazy when it comes to communicating Open Enrollment. If you’re still delivering wellness information the same way you were five, two or even last year – you’re already losing the attention of your employees. You can’t afford another OE with diminishing results.

The Process


OE Campaign Goals

We’ll create a comprehensive open enrollment communication strategy, not based on what you did last year – but based on your goals, data, employee population, communication channels, and your budget.


Craft Your Message

Based on your strategy, we’ll create your OE message – what is the story, how will we communicate it, what will we measure, for each communication on your list.


Deliver and Measure

Let the communicating begin! But we don’t just hit send or print and let things go – we provide in-depth metrics to ensure we’re meeting our needs, and adjust in-progress, as needed.

Take the Next Step.

See how bettHR can enhance your employee experience, starting with your Open Enrollment campaign.