Melissa Anzman is a Leading Speaker on Delivering Great HR through Metrics and Storytelling

You have a lot riding on selecting your speaker line-up. Each speaker needs to match exactly what you, your conference/company are seeking – and more importantly, what your audience desperately needs to learn.

After spending over 10 years in HR delivering countless training sessions, Melissa was asked to take the show on the road and deliver keynote and session talks across North America. She has also been on the other sides of the table – organizing events, attending conferences big and small – and knows what works and what falls flat. She knows how to reach your audience and move them into action, because she has done it thousands of times.

Whether your event takes place in a ballroom, video conference or anywhere in between, Melissa knows how to spark HR professionals into action so they walk away with actionable next steps… and fall a little bit back in love with their job.


Cornerstone Topics

Storytelling for HR: Using HR Metrics to Drive Employee Engagement

Do you know how to measure how engaged your employees are? Not by simply doing another employee engagement survey, but how are you using that data to measure true connection and engagement? And how is engagement impacting your bottom line? Now more than ever, you need to connect with your workforce – not only to create the HR buzzword of “engagement,” but to also retain key talent and millennials, and ensure that you are able to deliver on your bottom line.

This topic is approved for Business Credit from HRCI.

Your audience will leave this keynote knowing:

  • How to use your current employee engagement data/survey results to create meaningful metrics that tie to the business’s bottom line starting with your current results.
  • The principles of Storytelling for HR using metrics to retain key talent and millennials.
  • The exact steps to implement storytelling for employee engagement immediately within their organization in the next 30 days.
  • And, we’ll review two real-life case studies of a company who saved over $500k/year and another that saved $48k while drastically increasing engagement.


HR Like a Marketer: Elevate Your HR Programs and Engagement

Do you dream of having the same type of engagement with your employees and your HR programs as your marketing team has out in the field with their customers? Learn how to generate positive engagement and publicity for your HR team – and all of the hard work that you do throughout the year, with the goal of increasing your employee’s connection and engagement with your company (and you!). The future of HR is here – start leveraging “marketing” techniques to deliver results, and make sure everything you do matters to the business you serve.

This topic is approved for General Credit from HRCI.

Your audience will leave this keynote knowing:

  • Why marketing groups are so successful and how you can leverage for HR to increase employee engagement.
  • How to start identifying HR activities for HR metrics and marketing.
  • How to create an action plan for your HR programs that is unique for your employee population for success.
  • How to increase your team’s credibility and ensure your future HR campaigns and activities all tie back to metrics.


From: Institute of Management Accountant’s Annual Student Leadership Conference  (Keynote Speaker)