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Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in my posts during the week to cover all of the fabulousness going around in the interwebs. So I bring you Super Saturday Round-Up! (Get ready to get clicky).


The first post is an opportunity I am more than grateful for – it is a topic and website I admire greatly and am amongst fantastic company over there… It’s over at Caleb Wojcik’s site PocketChanged.com. What Should You Do When You Fail at Quitting Your Job? Here is an excerpt, but please be sure to check out PocketChanged and add it to your reading list.

Excerpt: “I joke that I am a failed quitter. The first time I went from cubicle dweller to business owner, it didn’t stick. So, I have had to leave the corporate world twice before I had enough knowledge and experience to sustain an actual business. For me, giving up was never an option, it was just a matter of figuring it out…

My main goal was to save as much money as possible – putting my high-salary to good use and cutting down on my miscellaneous spending. I had an arbitrary number in mind of having $40,000 saved in liquid savings to cover my costs and any unforeseen emergencies for the transition I planned… My mindset was that I wanted to be my own boss and if it didn’t work out, I could always land another corporate job. And that is where it all went wrong.”

Melani Ward

I am a fan of Melani’s and was honored to be included in her interview series. If you are just dying to see me in action (video action that is), please check out our interview titled Stop Looking for Your Passion…Look for Your Umbrella with Melissa Anzman, as part of her Career Hacker Unplugged series. We cover why you should stop searching for your passion and start finding your umbrella, and when I knew it was time to leave the corporate world. And of course, you should check out Melani’s other fabulous interviews – you will learn so much! Her site is at MelaniWard.com.

Some of My Favorites Around the Web:

  • My dear friend Ginger over at Ramble Ramble became famous… and I got to sit on the sidelines and cheer her on with a post that touched so many people. But more fun than that, was her message about kindness, respect and communication – and what we all can learn from being extreme. You can find her post, To Everyone I Know During this Election and other ramblings over on her site.
  • Jenny Blake compiled the most amazing (and inclusive) list of online tools to help keep your world… functioning, over at LifeAfterCollege.org. I added my favorite ebook library system (Calibre), but took away about a dozen more tools! Go check them out – and feel free to add to Jenny’s list.
  • Clients from Hell posted a funny video for all of you who are entrepreneurs. I hope you laugh as much as I did!
  • I’m lusting after one of these skylines... and I’ve been lusting for several months. It’s time to pull the trigger, right?

In Case You Missed Them: