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Sometimes there just isn’t enough room in my posts during the week to cover all of the fabulousness going around in the interwebs. So I bring you Super Saturday Round-Up! (Get ready to get clicky).

Places I’ve been featured: 

  • The first is a full-length interview on an amazing site called From Below Zero to Hero, where Tal Gur interviews many people who have inspired him, to share their inspiring stories with others. There are several awesome interviews posted and you can learn a lot about some of your favorite online peeps. Please be sure to check out the full interview on From Below Zero to Hero. Here’s just one of the many answers… “…I think you can easily become your own worst roadblock as an entrepreneur – that’s why so many fail at it. It’s easy to throw in the towel because you get consumed with all of the negativity and over analyze the issue, and then assign blame. I also have a secret playlist (mostly comprised of Pentatonix), that I will sing and dance to if I need to shift gears.”
  •  The next one is over on the American Express Open Forum discussing how small businesses actually recruit workers. It is a great piece and definitely worth checking out and learn what really happens behind the scenes at a small business.
  • And last but certainly not least, I was included in Jenny Blake’s August Miscellaneum post featuring an amazing list of people and resources for everyone. It is an honor to be mentioned and included with this fantastic group of peeps.

Some of My Favorite Posts as of Late:

  • Melanie Axman who happens to be one of my favorite new online friends, yesterday talked about Authenticity and Our “Cool” Voice. She reflects on how  we use “our ‘cool voice’ to connect with others, assuming it’s what they want from us. In fact, what the world and the workplace needs is authenticity; there are more than enough people already trying to be somebody else. In being ourselves, we contribute our own distinctive thoughts and perspectives to the collective conversation.” It is an awesome read and definitely a blog to add to your RSS feeder!
  • Stuart over at 1.00 FTE is spot on (as always), with his newest cartoon titled: There’s No Question Your’re Clever. I’ll let you enjoy it without my own commentary, but it is a hilarious statement on resumes and interviewing.
  •  A poignant look at the money behind being your own boss… and the expenses you forget to think about from Alexis Grant. Aptly titled the One Major Disadvantage of Working for Yourself, she shares a table her dad the accountant (hello to my dad too) prepared to compare/contrast the monetary differences between working for someone else versus yourself.


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