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July 30, 2013

Being Able to Walk Away from an Offer

Earlier in my career, I always felt lucky to just have a job. That was before the economy turned to crap and jobs were harder to find. I never thought about the long-term trajectory of the skills that I wanted to use and leverage during my career, or what brought…
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Job Search
August 30, 2012

Practical Tactical Thursday – It’s Your Fault You Didn’t Get the Job Offer

Note: Great week of features. Please be sure to go see some of my other posts around the web! Brazen Careerist: Learn These 3 Lessons Before Ditching Your Day Job to Follow Your Passion YouTern: 18 Kick-A$s People Who Will Change Your Life One of the most dreaded questions Human…
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Giving Yourself PermissionJob Search
August 13, 2012

Bridge Jobs – Create Your Own Destiny

When I was on my own path of exploring where I wanted my career to go and what my ultimate path was going to be, I was working in a high-paying, high-stress, 50%+ travel, high-powered position. Yes, everything was high. It was the crowning jewel of my career up until…
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