Dream JobGiving Yourself Permission
May 7, 2012

5 Steps to Stop the “What If” Treadmill

Quick note: Be sure to head over to the Brazen Careerist's Blog (Brazen Life) this afternoon, where I share 4 Ways to Get Pumped About Your Current Job. The act of starting is the key to success that many of us never reach because we are still on a treadmill…
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Dream JobFinding PassionGiving Yourself Permission
May 1, 2012

Follow Your Dreams – You’re Never Too Old… Or Too Young

I just spent an amazing weekend in New York for the Make Sh*t Happen Weekend of Genius, and I am so energized and inspired by the others who attended. While I learned MANY things from them (and there is more to follow about the experience), I kept thinking that you…
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Dream JobGiving Yourself Permission
March 30, 2012

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Grow

Remaining comfortable will keep you stuck. I have found myself in a rut once or twice, particularly when it came to my job. I’m not a huge routine person, I actually don’t mind change, but I inherently feel “lazy” most of the time. Sometimes I don’t push myself hard enough;…
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Giving Yourself Permission
March 23, 2012

Moving Forward without the End Result in Mind

I am a type A person. It’s a label that has been thrown at me: sometimes to offend or insult me, but usually in acknowledgement of getting things done. It used to be a dirty word to me, or a character flaw, but it is who I am. I’m always…
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Dream JobGiving Yourself Permission
March 19, 2012

My Sister the Fashion Designer

Everything Starts from Your Imagination I was lucky enough to grow up in a family with a lot of kids - as an adult, I feel blessed to be able to look at my four siblings and learn from each of them. We are all very different in so many…
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Dream Job
March 12, 2012

Creating Your Own Balance Scale

You happiness and satisfaction at work is a balancing scale. It always has been, and it always will be. I’ve listened to hundreds of people “complain” about their job – everything from the light bulb above their head to an abusive boss, and complaints that should never be repeated! The…
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Dream JobFinding Passion
March 5, 2012

Just Follow Your Passion… Right?

Follow your passion? That sounds like great advice, but what if you are not quite sure what your passion is? I was stuck pondering this question for months, ok – years. It was so easy for me to point out the things I did not want in my life anymore,…
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