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5 Ways to Become a Strategic Hire

By Blog, Job Search, Leadership

The best candidate doesn’t always get the job. In fact, rarely does the top candidate win the position – instead, they are beat out by someone else. A strategic hire. A better interviewer. A more likable person. A friend of the hiring manager. And so on. Companies have to hire in their own best…

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Own Who You Are

By Blog, Giving Yourself Permission

I was watching a Tedx talk by Elan Morgan (aka – Schmutzie and Ninjamatics) about the Power of Self-Doubt and her talk resonated with me – definitely a great video to check out. But it wasn’t her intended topic (self-doubt), that struck a nerve. Instead, I was reminded to be…

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Diversity “Quotas”

By Blog, HR

A recent post by Stuart on his site 1.00 FTE examined quotas for women – while he was referencing women representation on boards, diversity “quotas” or goals still exist in our corporate landscape. When first introduced, quotas/goals were necessary – the corporate landscape largely existed of white men, particularly in…

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